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First CD Cover for my first Album!
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs posted blog posts
Apr 4
Andrew Kwon left a comment for James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
"Amen to that J B!!  HE is the reason why do we what we do!!"
Apr 1
Andrew Kwon left a comment for James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
"I feel so honored even to be in the top20! Im so thankful for the opportunity to share this song with brothers and sisters in IGA! Thank you JB! God is so amazing!!"
Mar 31
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs posted blog posts
Mar 31
Randy Ward left a comment for James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
"Its been awhile but thanks for the compliment cotton picker no you are a ridegerunner forgot "
Mar 31
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs's photo was featured


First CD Cover for my first Album!
Mar 31
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs posted a blog post

Understanding 2Chronciles 7:14

Understanding 2 Chronicles 7:14by James BanfieldIn order to understand 2 Chronicles 7:14 we first must read 2 Chronicles 6:1-42 In it it says that Solomon had finished the Temple and was ready to dedicate it to the Lord. So he had built this great altar and stood upon it and then bent down to his knee and gave a mighty prayer to the Lord in front of all the representatives of the Nation of Israel. He was actually putting the Lord on the spot. He said boldly “Ok Lord, here I am, and look what I…See More
Mar 24

" Indie Gospel Artist'sTop 20 with J B ** APR 2014 ** #1 "Wayfaring Stranger" * By Carla Bragg ...Congratulations Carla! Remember #21 and #22 are Honorable Mentions



*********************** Indie Gospel Artists Are Making Noise! ***************

"ON INDIE GOSPEL MUSIC - The Top 20"  With J B

April 2014

There are so many out there that need prayer for healing, our own Zack Martin

who has been instrumental in the operations of Indie Gospel Artists has been fighting several ailments at one time and top it all off, he fell.  so lets just ask our Lord for His Healing Power to touch those who need his touch of healing. Thank You. JB

Blessings to all of you


Please, we need to make an all out effort to make "THE SOUND OF HOPE" into  Major Priority Work. All we need to do as a group on the internet is support the project by purchasing an album or join in the company of people who are intimately involved.   and don't forget the "Love Offering Tour" ... :)  love in Christ James.


In regards to the Top 20 Songs of 2013 you can find that list at



 On Indie Gospel Artists "JB's Top 20"  this is  the top 20 as I see it  ... for the month.  If you have a new song please let me know so I can go over and check it out.  Remember, that I can only use those songs that are listed in the Indie Gospel Site and that the box that says "Add To Playlists" is checked!.  You all have a nice week.  Enjoy the New Top 20 for April 2013

**** T h e  M o v e r ! ****

"Holing It down Jesus Style"

OH!  Oh! Go into your sound and set it for 5.1 headphones .. OH!  WOW! Ghezz Oh Man get Ready.... Get Ready Now punch in #4 and then #2 awesome!. Oh Man ... Lord have Mercy!

^^^ Bullets !

*******************From: Jim Sheldon ! !******************

The Music City Show now in the first season

RFD TV Thursday 8pm/7c           FamilyNet Saturdays 5:30pm/4:30c

TNN/Heartland Sundays  4:30PM


 Here is ""ON INDIE GOSPEL MUSIC"  With J B"

For: April 2014 

Surprise  Surprise  Surprise !


1.  "Wayfaring Stranger" - by Carla Bragg ... In Feb this song had one of the largest jumps in the chart.! wow! Carla took an old standard and really did a moving dedicated rendition of this song and really showed some awesome respect for its place in Gospel Music! Listen to the Bass how it carries the song, how Carla smoothly glides over the lyrics subtly... awesome, but what was it that made it #1? Listen to the arrangement, ever hear it done like that? incredible guitar work, Good Job Carla... Congratulations on being #1 this month! Oh By The Way ... Carla is out there ministering to the people, She has a few albums to her credit and is on award shows for what she does in her ministry.  Blessings Carla!  ...  JB


2.   "Speak Of You"  by Andrew Kwon ... ^^^ Bullets    Records are made to be broken .. So this song done did it.  last month it was #20 and now #2 that is a 19 place jump! The largest jump in the history of this chart and we are 4 years old now. Wow! Sometimes I get a message that says, "I wrote a neat song ... could you check it out?" and I usually do. Well, I got one from Andrew Kwon... and I went to hear the song he asked me to listen to.. good song ... but I clicked the song under it... ooops bad mistake... hehehehehe I got hooked on "Speak of You" immediately, especially when he hit the Chorus ... coming out of the verse... Wow! Andrew Now you cut that out ... going around messin with our minds like that ... This song will definitely be around for a while... Thanks for the note .... Blessings, JB


3.  "Trust" - Rachel Belman   The 2nd Largest jump in the chart this month.. from #10 to #3... not bad...and last month (March) it was  #1 !   I love the harmonies that Rachel brings out.  The blend of the guitars, piano its just smooth and it lets you listen to the lyrics. I love it not to mention but, Rachel is not new to the Top 20. She's had several number 1's.  Blessings Rachel ... JB


4.  Holdin It Down Jesus Style" - Tyrone K. Sullivan  ..^^^ Bullets ....  Like "Speak of You" this song did a major jump in the Chart it went from #16 to #4 !  What an intro ! Great beat, moves man, really moves! How can he sing like that? that cadence he is using in singing this is awesome! mind boggling to say the least. Hey even the boss like this song!   Blessings Guys ...   JB


5.  Mansion In The Sky  By Jim Sheldon ..  I have to say, Jim Sheldon is happening for real... it seems the Lord kinda put him on a train bound for places unknown.. Jesus has him ministering all over the place, including the TV airwaves! Jim, You got another good one here..  Congrats... Blessings  JB


6"Jesus Is"   by   Mike Adams  check it out ... If you like good ol country, then you will like this!  I got inside info ... Jesus loves country too hehehe especially this kind. you go Mike... man this is great!   JB


7.  "On That Golden Road" - by Randy Ward,  cool intro ... using the brass is a nice touch.  love the progression! .. JB


8.  "Jesus Wants to Save You"  - by Carla Bragg ... Carla's new album is out and this is the first song that I selected to be on the chart this month. . Love this cut ... life.. and full of life! Great Song Carla... Hey ... just a second ... what is this? #2 and #3 back to back? Now girl there ya go again..   You ain't supposed to be doin that ... ah  this is great cant wait to put out some more of that album!  Blessings  JB ...

9"Could You Imagine"  by  Isaac Johnson  "  I heard Isaac a couple of years ago. His material is touching, personal, and his delivery is awesome. I think you will like this song, "Could You Imagine" from Isaac Johnson.... From #9 to #3 and Now #2 and back to 9. Yes its been in the top 10 for four months. Now that saying somethin'     Hey Isaac, nice job on this one buddy, really nice.  JB


10.  "Praise In Me" - Tracy Forte ... great timing! nice instrumentation and the harmonies are really cool. and the ad lib at the end is just awesome. But I have one thing that I love especially, The B3. not to dominating but I hear it and its nice work. Blessings to you Tracy and the crew.  JB
11"I Can Go On" -  Issac Johnson ... Love this.... listen to the words that Isaac delivers... wow! Is that you? awesome progression man, love those jazz chords backed off.. wonderful blend ... Blessings JB
12.  "Remnant"  by Barry and Teena Winslow   Barry and Teena have had many songs on JB's Charts. Seems they find a way to send out the Word either through your typical avenues or by CD's. They are indeed the Consumate Christian writers of Song.


13.  "Life's a Railway To Heaven"  Jim Sheldon  Great intro using that hamonica and banjo... cool ....  The Month before Last this song was #1 awesome tune Jim ... awesome....  You have a great 2014 and continued success with the TV show!  ... JB


14.   "Jesus Washed Me"  Chuck Loubert  :)  What's This? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere down the line? hahaha hey Chuck, ya had me goin there for a bit.. What an intro .. that guitar is wild .. the stagger is perfect. yeah ... I like it... it just takes a couple of listens to get into it. ... yeah, this is what I call "a Goodin" 


15.  "Free From Me" by Katelyn McCarter ... Alright ..   the intro is haunting, gentle, yet, a strong presence. a lovely song with a very strong message.. and when she goes into the pre-chorus it builds just right and yet the dominant single piano notes still are hauntingly in there!  beautifully done Katelyn.. :) JB


16.  "There's An Answer" by Joe Wamsley Our #11 song has a message.  Joe has an exemplary talent to reach you through the lyrics of his songs and "There's an Answer" is no exception. incredible arrangement, nicely done Joe ... Hey, have a nice Holiday Season. .. JB


17"Let Your Praise Be Loud"  By Joe Wamsley  Is this Joe? Now I know Joe Wamsley and I think I know his music.. I think? Gotta find Joe... I think he's lost! Man where did this song come from? Man Joe, ya done did it! Love it! I really love this song! says it right and still it has the life in it ... cool man... Its got that ummppff ... nice touch with B3 and the Horns ... Good job.... JB


18"Happy Ever After"  by Skylar Kaylyn  OH Boy here we go!  Skylar your young spirit is just oozing out in this song! I love it! and your fresh harmonies is a nice touch ...This song made one of the biggest jumps in the chart last month... from #14 to #35  9 spots!  Skylar thank you so much for putting the full length song on the player, wow, I love it! Keep up the good work for the Lord? Thanks... JB


19.   "What If"  by  Curtis Wayne Hurley  WE have a double entry this month... Two brand new songs by the same artist.. "What If" nice smooth song by Curtis.. just flows ... I like it.... 


20.  "Reign"  By Curtis Wayne Hurley Our #20 song also by Curtis Hurley is really good. love the piano intro and the switch into the nice upbeat, actually he is using a Rap beat but not in the usual way we are used to listening to Rap.  Hear he is using good hamronies, cool beat, and singing in a cadence, with a Story, a Message to the Song for real... Nice job Curtis. Looking forward to seeing how this song fairs in the Top 20.. It should do really well.  JB


                                               *******Honorable Mentions**********************

21. "As I Bow Down"  sung by Crystal McGaha written by Annette Burrell. what a fresh approach by Crystal. Her crisp voice is a nice pleasant clear voice and the song has a neat message. Love that slide down and back with her voice ... Annette this is a very good song. Looking forward to hearing other songs by the team of C Gaha and Burrell.  Blessings, JB


22. "My Salvation" by Quincy Whetstone Surprise!  I thought this was going to be another RAP song... but Quincy slips in melody, beat, and a good message. Nice Job Quincy... Blessings to you.  JB


Have a Good Month ...  Don't forget to let me know if you have a new song you are getting ready to launch ( ) ... (Don't forget that box that allows the song to be added to the playlists)

                  Please Don't Forget "The Sound of Hope" The kids need the help ...

See ya ll later and Blessings to all of you,   JB


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Are We RaisingThe Bar?

For the last 3 years I and others have been mentioning that we need to raise the bar up with our entries and make our projects the best that we can. It is really happening, let me show you..

 Two years ago to find 5 songs that were all really really good was nearly impossible unless I got in and dug up some turf to find the songs that were hidden in the players of the artists. but now .... look at this!

April 2014…


Posted on April 4, 2014 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Indie Gospel Artists Top 20 is up and running!

Surprise  Surprise  Surprise !

#1 "Wayfaring Stranger"  by Carla Bragg ... Congratulations Carla! this  is really a good song. A standard which was done in a very unusal way and it just flows.  Give it a listen you will like it....

This Month's Top 20 for April 2014 has some incredible songs that just seemed to explode onto the chart! One such song went from #20 to #2... that is incredible. but when you hear this song you…


Posted on March 31, 2014 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Here's a 'short short .... New list of the Top 20 will be ready shortly!

The New Top 20 will be ready to view and listen to in about an hour.... There are some really big surprises  JB

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 6:35pm

Understanding 2Chronciles 7:14

Understanding 2 Chronicles 7:14

by James Banfield

In order to understand 2 Chronicles 7:14 we first must read 2 Chronicles 6:1-42 In it it says that Solomon had finished the Temple and was ready to dedicate it…


Posted on March 24, 2014 at 3:00pm — 4 Comments

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At 4:38pm on April 16, 2014, Annette Burrell said…

JB - Thanks for the compliment about my song which was recorded by my daughter Crystal McGaha. To answer you question about my involvement in the song. I wrote the lyrics and had the tune. A friend of Crystal's actually put the music to it.  God gave me the song in several dreams over the course of a week, just over 2 years ago. I am very blessed.

At 1:46pm on April 1, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…

Amen to that J B!!  HE is the reason why do we what we do!!

At 10:40pm on March 31, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…
I feel so honored even to be in the top20! Im so thankful for the opportunity to share this song with brothers and sisters in IGA! Thank you JB! God is so amazing!!
At 8:31pm on March 31, 2014, Randy Ward said…

Its been awhile but thanks for the compliment cotton picker no you are a ridegerunner forgot

At 4:58pm on March 21, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…

Even though you thought you've never "made it" if you touched one soul with the message of gospel in your song, you have made eternal difference.

It's amazing how God wants to use us and partner with us when He can do it all by Himself. I'm just in awe of His goodness right now. You are being blessing to others as you help people like me to share our gifts. May God continue to use you my friend!

At 3:41pm on March 21, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…

Wow! I'm speechless.....God is so good that's all I can say! Just honored to be in the Top 20 JB!

At 1:35pm on March 21, 2014, Curtis Wayne Hurley said…

I deleted the song and re-added it.  I didn't change the default, so it should work this time.  If not, I got no answers (zero stamped on forehead).

At 1:18pm on February 14, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Hi Folks,

Well, James and Marty have lost power to their house in this last snow storm. Pray they will be back home soon.



At 7:22am on February 9, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Ok JB......sound good.  We have a little Yamaha keyboard.  Looking forward to it.



At 2:29pm on February 8, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Cool my friend.   Can't wait to hear it.  Wish I had my little studio back....your so right, creating is the fun part.  :O)



At 10:19am on February 8, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

You got that right Bro. He is the only way.  I'm, so grateful He knows and cares for me too .

You and Marty have a blessed weekend too.


At 4:01am on February 8, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…

Thank you for the review. I don't think I've ever gotten such a detailed review on my songs, it's great! Yes the intro piano is the main part of the song. Me and a friend of mine who I work with wanted to make the song dramatic so we started the verse in the mid-low area and made the Chorus high, so it would stand out. About the speaking part, I want the world to know that all the beauty surrounding us is made by Him. That there is a God is greater than this universe, and that He is in charge of all things, that He existed even before the world began. I wanted to describe attributes of God. Thank you for the great review, and for helping me share this with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

At 9:57pm on February 7, 2014, Andrew Kwon said…


Your feedback is really encouraging and I'm honored by your comments! Thank you for listing my song on your playlist and giving your support! It really means a lot that these songs can bless others. 

At 5:23pm on February 1, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Thanks my brother............Truth is the answer

At 3:31pm on February 1, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Oh, I'm floored...........this is just too good.   Lord knows we need some happy smiles here.

Thanks for letting us know.

Bless ya Bro


At 6:56pm on January 15, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Congrats Buddy..............that song needs to be in that slot.  :O)

Amen my friend


At 5:17pm on January 10, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Awesome's a good tune my friend.  Yepper, we have true soul mates thank God. :O)   They will keep us



At 3:03pm on January 10, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Hey JB.......hope your feeling better too my friend.  I'm so happy about Remnant hanging in there.  I really like the song.



At 5:26pm on January 9, 2014, Barry Winslow said…

Hey Buddy........been down with bad flu bug.  Prayer works I know.....I got the sub zero weather outta



At 9:49pm on January 8, 2014, Butch Perry said…

Im having a problem with copy paste THE Ballot to my email. When I paste it will not show up on the email? Any idea.


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